Busana Muslim Shafira…….. The Family Life Style

Shafira is known as the fashion house, in Muslim clothing world, founded in Bundung. The name Shafira is inspired by the word “POSSIBLE” found on the walls of the Mosques. Shafira’s aim is to carve a dream of common person to become a large, strong and healthy organization. After getting positive support from the community, it started market expansions and opened many outlets outside its city of origin.

AAA 1206 008 Busana Muslim Shafira…….. The Family Life StyleUp till now there have been almost 22 working showrooms of Shafira in in Medan, Pekan Baru, Palembang, Jakarta, Bogor, Bandung, Cirebon, Surabaya Malang, Jember, Banjarmasin, Balikpapan, Samarinda, Macassar and many more. There were many revelry attacks on Shafira’s market which turned the glowing future into economic crisis. Despite the falling situation of Shafira, it bypassed the crisis with its human resource strength and better strategic formulation. Shafira’s success age is assumed to be the 21 years after its flourishing.

Throughout the journey of success, Shafira never forget its mission of corporate social responsibility. Depending upon its mission, Busana Muslim Shafira launched many programs and worked for its good will. The basic purpose of Shafira’s CSR programs is to;

Distribute laptops among 1000 teachers
Granting scholarships to the children of employees
Compensation is done through charitable foundations
Grants to social institutes
Aid delivery to victim areas

Culture, values and aspirations
Busana Muslim Shafira worked towards its better and bright future by capturing competent stakeholders. Shafira kept its eyes on the cultural values of the Muslims and designed such clothes which reflect their moral values. Hijab, chowder, abaya, blouses, niqab are the promising features of Shafira’s collection. Aspiring colors, appealing designs and easygoing clothing material catches the attention of many Muslims especially the ladies.

Shafira tries to accomplish following thing to gain good will and market attention;
Shafira tries to be pioneer and leading in a scramble for mind share in fashion clothing in Indonesia
Shafira never let down the values of humility, honesty, integrity, ethical leadership work hard, friendship and teaming up. Shafira knows that it is its strength in passing out all difficulties
Shafira always look high, think high and aim high
Focus on the opportunity where the contribution towards community is high
In the long run the Shafira will provide fun place to work for those who have talent in Indonesia. Simply it will start the talent hunt.

Product philosophy
Shafira adopted four philosophies in designing the products according to Muslim culture:
Shafira design the clothes that are appealing and give rise the birth of comfort, sense of pride when wearing and aesthetic appearance.
Product creation chain of Shafira focus on women empowerment through breeding skills and competencies.
Shafira uses the material that is environmental friendly  and also save for environment biodiversity.
Shafira pay attention to uphold the Islamic values in the entire chain of the creation process as well as on Shafira products.
Shafira take care of the needs of the lower class families. One can find the clothes at affordable prices.
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