Grosir Busana Muslim…. Add Beauty And Elegance To The Wearer

Varieties of Traditional and Grosir Busana Muslim
Islam is the 2nd largest religion worldwide having 1.5 billion believers. There are varieties of colors, styles and designs that depend on their personal preferences, ethnicity and culture, when we talk about the follower of Islam. However, Muslim’s believes and moral values prevent them from wearing the clothes that are against their religion. Islam is all about modesty. Grosir Busana Muslim offers traditional and modern designs but all are based on their requirements for Islamic dresses.

busana muslim trendy Grosir Busana Muslim…. Add Beauty And Elegance To The WearerStyles and colors:
Islam’s codes of conduct are based on modesty for their traditional wears. There is no specific color combination fabric and styles define for the people. The collection of apparel reflects the diversity of culture. Majority of people prefer simple colors e.g. Brown, Green, Blue, Gray, White and Black. Many others prefer bright and neutral tones of dresses. These colors have no specific meanings. Some colors reflect the beauty of nature and some defines earth nature around us. Every dress type has its particulate name in a particular area. That is way a same dress id named differently in different areas.

Where to Shop:
There are many outlets of the Grosir all over the world. It can be bought from any where even online shopping websites are also available for shopping. such as Grosirbersama selling Grosir Busana Muslim (Wholesale clothing Muslim)

Layali 43441 Grosir Busana Muslim…. Add Beauty And Elegance To The Wearer

Hijab is women’s modest dress. It is used to cover the head. In Islam hijab was used as veil but now a dayz it has become fashion to cover the head only with a rectangular piece of cloth places over the head.

Abaya is used mostly in Arab countries. Mostly it is manufactured in black color covering whole body from neck to foot. It is also embedded with fabric embroidery and black synthetic fiber is used specially for its manufacturing

It is a big piece of cloth used to cover from head around the body. Unlike the abaya it is unstitched. It is used by Iranian ladies without covering the face.

It is like scarf used as a veil. It covers the face of the women. It extends from the face to waistline.

It is publicaly used cloack by the female

There are different kind of niqab designed according to requirement. Niqab may or may not cover the eyes.

Afghanistan women usually wear burqa from top of the face to the foot. It may or may not cover the eyes of the wearer

It is a male dress. It is stitched like a robe.

Religious leaders and highly official personals used such kind of dress. It is wear above the thobe.

Ghutra and Egal
It is also men dress wear at head as a scarf along with a rope to hold it at place.Grosir offer its product online at A wide range of dresses can be found at this website at very economical price dresses from male to female, kids to younger are also available at this site

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